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As I watch the films based on Jane Austen’s book, mainly Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility (I’m not patient enough to read the books YET), I am drawn to wonder, how simpler those times were.

Not easy, but simpler.

How all they wanted (women mostly), was to love and be loved. Falling in love, getting married, starting a family (mostly to the rich ones according to Jane) was the center of their entire existence. I wonder if it is what it seems, or it’s just her imagination? It cannot all be fantasy, can it?

Do they never have the desire to pursue something other than love? Did they never feel that love in fact isn’t enough? Did they not feel that the euphoria, butterflies, blush, warmth, and the hopes it provides, practically fade away with time? How did they love so deeply without a corrupt mind and heart?

How was it possible? Did not having technology helped them with thinking and seeing things clearly? As they truly are? I wonder how it was to live in the 19th century, when there were no desires like getting verified on social platforms, having thousands of likes, positive comments, one million subscribers, getting into Ivy league, finding a well-paying job, having the latest Apple gadget, having a bucket list with places to visit around the world and adventure sports to try, watching Netflix!

Or, did the pollution-free air helped them stay pure to the true connection in the world? No cars, no noisy sounds, no traffic, ah! No horns, no rush! I’m sure people in that time must be more patient, life must be slow, silent, and peaceful in fact. Things must be a little (maybe way more) clear, people must be more present to the physical world instead of being so indulged in the digital, always digging their head in the phone screens, literally look around you next time you go outside if you don’t believe me (if you live in a city obviously, that I’m blessed enough to not).

I have become so impatient in this digital era, that it’s daunting to even imagine how those times must have been, and even if I manage to imagine myself there (thanks to these brilliant films), it gets really hard to stick to the imagination. Because my mind keeps reminding me of next thing on hand or in most cases, next folder of imagination in my mind.

I wonder, how could love be all that they needed? Or maybe it still is what we all need even now? And we’re too distracted looking for materialistic achievements, feeding our own ego, so immersed in this marathon that we forget what is important and where are we headed, trying to prove that we matter, while actually, we’re mere creatures crawling earth, imagining our own importance and seeking the answer that doesn’t exist. In hopes to find something greater than ourselves, believing that we have some kind of control or there’s someone controlling us, and SOMEDAY, IT IS ALL GOING TO BE JUST FINE!

Or who knows, this might be the right way to live! Love might be just an illusion, stopping us from our true abilities and reaching the limitless potential that we have. Maybe we have finally opened our eyes to see what lies beyond the blindfold of love that has been tied around our eyes! Maybe the digital era, the 21st century is the true revolution of humankind into something greater than the mere existence!



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